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Special features of our service


Team DCDC Dr Chu

The dermatologist leads the team

All our efforts are to make you look the way you most look forward to。


All our efforts are to make you look the way you most look forward to.

The survival rate and quantity of hair follicles are only the basic requirements of hair transplant surgery. It can be visually achieved in terms of density and nature, and the true ability of the physician can be seen. In order to achieve what you expect, we will definitely stick to the details of any detail and continue to move towards the top of technology and equipmentThe survival rate and quality of hair follicles are only the basic requirements of hair transplant surgery. Being able to achieve a dense and natural appearance is where you can see the real skill of a doctor. In order to achieve what you hope for, we will absolutely adhere to all details and continue moving toward the cutting edge in both technique and equipment.

Complete medical team

Leading the chief dean of the dermatology department, leading team physicians, nurses, hair follicle isolates, consultants and scalp managers to form a complete hair care team. From pre-operative testing and consultation to post-operative scalp management, provide you with the most complete professional services。

Medical center grade safety

Although local anesthesia is required for hair transplant surgery, the full range of physiological monitoring and safety procedures is still not small. DCDC team physicians have trained and served at top medical centers at home and abroad. We have strict adherence to safety and quality.。Although only local anesthesia is required for hair transplant surgery, a full range of physiological monitoring and safety procedures are still essential. All physicians of the DCDC team have well-trained and served at top medical centers in Taiwan. We strictly adhere to principles of safety and quality.

Optimal results, both quantitatively and visually

Through thoroughgoing pre-surgery evaluation, and careful and cooperative team work during surgery, we strive for a natural look after surgery. Only a natural look can bring you true self-confidence, and only achieving a natural look of our patients is what we pursue for.

Experts in all-round solutions for hair problems

Whether FUT, FUE, or ARTAS techniques are used, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. There is no absolute good or bad approaches. The DCDC team is able to master all techniques and combine them to meet our client's budget and expectations.

Focus of cross-strait and international conferences

The DCDC team doctors are frequent speakers in the conferences of Taiwan and mainland China due to the wealthy surgical experiences and cutting-edge techniques. At many hair forums, we have freely shared our surgical experience and technology, and have earned the positive acclaim of international peers in the industry.

We are very experienced in helping patients restoring their confidence,
no matter what their current condition is.

Forehead or crown hair loss

Male baldness has progressed to the fifth, sixth, and even seventh-phase friends, often losing confidence in the dream of regaining hair. Under the previous technology, it is often necessary to perform more than two operations in order to achieve a certain effect. However, the DCDC team has been working hard to develop a large number of hair-planting techniques in recent years. It is our routine surgical ability to plant more than 8,000 hairs in a single time. Most people can get satisfactory results after a single hair transplant. A large number of actual cases are our best witnesses.

Male pattern baldness

Male baldness can cause hair loss on the forehead or top, making people look old and lose confidence. For the forehead or top hair loss, DCDC's minimally invasive high-density hair transplant surgery allows you to return to your youthful self-confidence and easily control your hair style. With the complete care after the operation, it can prevent the possibility of further hair loss, so that you can always stay young in one operation. For office workers who can't take time off, we can even do "free shaving, you can go to work the next day."!

Female hairline beauty

Faces look good and often require a hair style. Whether it is high forehead, husband and wife depression, face too wide or face too square, in addition to plastic surgery, in fact, you have a cheaper, less risky choice. After carefully evaluating the proportion of the face and the hair styling, the female hairline can be used to greatly improve the visual effect of the face, and once and for all. And our technology can be done the next day after surgery, as long as you don't take the initiative, even friends and relatives are hard to find!

Eyebrow/ mustache/ sideburn hair transplantation

In addition to the hair, other hair on the face is more important to the appearance. Sparse eyebrows make you unable to get out of the door without makeup? Without horns and beards, there is always less masculinity? In either case, DCDC can help you complete your dreams. Although the number of hairs to be planted in these areas is small, the thickness of the hair, the degree of flow and the fit of the skin are the key to success. Carefully evaluate, design, and continue to improve the equipment, plus the doctor's one-of-a-kind planting, the hair grows like a natural one。

Female pattern hair loss

The distribution line does not know why it is getting wider and wider? The density of hair is getting lower and lower? If you are a female, male, bald patient, in addition to oral medications and hair tonic treatment, hair transplant surgery is the fastest way to significantly improve the appearance. One operation solves the long-standing troubles, and DCDC is not a dream, just our daily routine. Don't give up treatment easily and give yourself a better chance!

Megasession hair transplantation

Megasession hair transplantation.

Hair transplant repair "re-do"

Hair transplant repair "re-do"!




Jason TongDoctor




  • KMUH Doctor
  • CGMH Doctor
  • Member of AAHRS
Jason Tong

Yen-Han (Wayne) LaiDoctor


  • KMU,PhD program


  • Member of Hair transplant society
  • International Fellow of the Republic of Korea Academy of Aesthetics
  • Member of China Cosmetic and Plastic Association
Yen-Han (Wayne) Lai

Guanzhou ChuDean




  • Dermatologist
  • Permanent member of AAHRS
  • Member of ISHRS

Tsung-Ting HsiehDoctor




  • MMH/dermatology/Attending physician
  • Permanent member of AAHRS
Tsung-Ting Hsieh

Huang Yu ChenDoctor




  • CGMH.Doctor
  • Member of AAHRS
Huang Yu Chen

Hubert Fang Hsiang TiDoctor




  • KMU.Attending physician
  • Member of AAHRS
Hubert Fang Hsiang Ti

Jingjia LuoDoctor




  • CGMH.TOS.Attending physician
Doctor Luo



Artist-Wang Yuefeng

「Once I know what I want, even if I stumble along the way, I will finish it!」

Results vary from person to person. Assessment by a professional physician still needs to be carried out. Disclaimer

Artist-Li Wei

「The operation was easy and comfortable, and it recovered quickly. My family didn't find that I had surgery.」

Results vary from person to person. Assessment by a professional physician still needs to be carried out. Disclaimer

Common questions


Q: Will it be difficult to take care of the wound after surgery?

We recommend that a warm towel be pressed on the donor and recipient area for three to four days after the operation, as doing so can reduce eschar formation. Usually, the doctor will prescribe an oil-based antibiotic ointment for our patients to apply twice a day to the donor and recipient area. In addition to the ointment, a copper peptide gel product is also used by some physicians to promote wound healing. In the case of eyebrow hair transplant, this oil-based or gel topical product also has the advantage that hair can be adhered to the skin during the healing process.

Q: How long can stitches be removed after surgery?

Generally speaking, about 7 to 10 days after surgery, the thread can be removed. If the thread is removed too early, it will worry that the wound has not completely healed, and the scar will be wider in the future. Too late to remove the thread may cause the seam of the suture to be traced. obvious. Some doctors use interrupted sutures. When the wound tension is high, the half-line can be removed in 10 days (jumping), and the remaining sutures are completely removed after two weeks.

Q: How long can I take a shower and wash my hair after surgery?

'Taking showering' basically is no problem. With respect to 'shampooing the hair', we recommend that you return to the DCDC clinic 24 hours after the surgery to let us clean your scalp. Suture wound (FUT) or punch wounds (FUE) can be washed as usual. As for the recipient area, the washing strength needs to be as gentle as possible. Generally, first take a mild shampoo and work up a foam in the palm then apply to the area to be cleaned. Then, the foam is washed away using gentle warm or cold water.

Q: When can I go back to work?

This depends on the type of work you do. If your work environment is dusty or it requires labor that makes you sweat, we recommend that you go back to your workplace after 7 to 10 days. If you work in an office, you will usually be able to return to work two days after surgery! However, some patients may be swelling in the forehead and eyelids for up to seven days after surgery because of the tumescent and anesthesia injection during the surgery. Generally speaking, It is usually of no problem to go out for shopping or a stroll the day after surgery. After the operation, we will give you a beanin hat to wear when leaving the DCDC clinic, so in terms of appearance, you'll look very stylish. (XD)

Q: When can I start exercising?

Basically, you can do some low-volume exercises and activities like taking a stroll or walking the dog without any affect one day after surgery. There' s no problem with starting normal exercise two weeks after the surgery. During the first two weeks, after exercise you can wash away sweat and grease by shampooing as described above.

Q: When can I start using the minoxidil solution (Rogaine)?

We recommend that you use Rogaine twice a day, beginning one week after the surgery. The ingredients of Rogaine have vasodilation effect, which is helpful for postoperative wound healing. At the same time, there are also small-scale studies that have demonstrated that Rogaine is able to reduce the chance of postoperative shock loss. However, because of the irritation of the Rogaine, you must be very careful when you start using it. In the circumstances of irritation, a lower concentration solution or reduced frequency of application can be helpful.

Q: When can I start wearing a wig or a toupee?

With a wig there is concern that its early use may cause inflammation of the hair follicles or affect wound healing due to the stifling heat it creates. Therefore, it is recommended that a wig is not used in the initial period after the surgery. If you must use a wig, you may have to wait at least three days after surgery, and at the same time you should not use adhesive or hair clips in the recipient area, because the follicular unit that has just been implanted is easily torn off when the wig is removed..

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DCDC Hair Restoration Clinic | Taipei2

DCDC Hair Restoration Clinic | Taipei2

Address : 2F., No. 15, Ln. 77, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City
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Mon to Sat 10:00 ~ 20:00
DCDC Hair Restoration Clinic | Taipei1

DCDC Hair Restoration Clinic | Taipei1

Address : 6F., No. 69-5, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City
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Mon to Sat 10:00 ~ 20:00
DCDC 竹北Hair Restoration Clinic | HsinChu

DCDC Hair Restoration Clinic | HsinChu

3rd Floor, No. 182, Ziqiang South Road, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County
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Mon to Sat 10:00 ~ 20:00
DCDC Hair Restoration Clinic | KaohSiung

DCDC Hair Restoration Clinic | KaohSiung

2nd Floor, 180 Mingcheng 2nd Road, Zuoying District, KaohSiung City
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週一至週六 10:00 ~ 20:00

Take the first step to a successful treatment with a complete consultation. Unlike most other clinics, DCDC insists on hair analysis, from which doctors then interpret the data and images. We listen attentively to your needs and expectations, and provide the possible options for various treatments meeting your conditions. Spend 60-90 minutes to get a complete answer to all your hair problems in one session. Call 0800 now, or fill out the appointment form, or add me friend on Line or WeChat to schedule a full consultation!